Bali is different. That was my first thought as soon as I stepped a foot on this beautiful island in Indonesia, after having traveled several places in Indonesia already for the last week or so. I knew Bali would bring a different form of adventure when compared to the other few locations I have visited in the country, and I was right.

The very warm air, the sun which has superb tanning powers, and the smiles of good travel friends were the three first welcoming factors for my stay in Bali. I stayed for the duration of five days, with Sedasa Lodge as my home for this short period: a villa which houses 10 rooms open for guests, with 1000 welcomes. 

The greenery and the beautiful view of farms from the lodge captured my attention first, and soon after it had my heart. The mornings which were often started with roof-top yoga sessions, and a really good cup of coffee was all I needed to feel at home in this place. Not to mention the warming atmosphere provided by the staff at Sedasa. For the first time in many of my traveling years, I really felt at home when I am on vacation. 

Ground floor of Sedasa lodge, restaurant wooden tables with the view of the pool

Sedasa Greens

Inside the rooms of Sedasa

The location of the lodge is in Canggu, a very attractive place for foreign visitors here in Bali, as it holds the very beautiful and eventful Berawa beach. It is located approximately 15 km away from the more busy Kuta. Canggu remains a calm destination, despite its popularity with foreign tourists in Bali, making Sedasa a great home for those of you asking to experience a calm, or even a trip filled with an active agenda because of its perfect location.

I still recall waking up at Sedasa, that feeling takes time for it to slightly disappear. My friends and I often had a traditional Indonesian breakfast (which consisted of Nasi goreng, one of my absolute favorites!) at the roof-top or on the beautifully designed wooden tables at the restaurant on the ground floor of Sedasa, which was a stunning way to start our day. After that, whether the day called for some surfing adventures, or a more relaxing time where one can just enjoy a book with Sedasa's views and atmosphere, the day has always been a pleasure.

On our very first day at Sedasa, we took literally less than a five minute walk to Berawa beach where we enjoyed a little bit of tanning, a cold drink and the good conversations of local staff working at the beach; mainly surfing instructors and those selling drinks to the visitors. I pretty much enjoyed how my home away from home was literally allowing me to feel the beach as soon as I woke up! one can never lose inspiration in this place in Bali, words of wisdom are covered throughout the entire property, giving you encouragement doses for your day-to-day activities and spirit.

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