There are countless things to do when in Bali, and one may never really need a guideline on what to do because of all the possibilities! However, I decided to write this post to share all the things I managed to do in the short period I was there, which was only 4 nights, 5 days. 

I was extremely happy to have the help of the amazing staff at Sedasa Lodge - a villa housing 10 rooms for their guests, which you can read more about here. My stay was planned by the lodge's staff, which made my agenda much easier and efficient while in Bali.

To summarize, I accepted to do several activities in Bali which usually I would not attempt. This made me step out of my comfort zone and therefore have a much more memorable experience of vacation in Bali. So here is AlBalsamLife's guide on what to do in Bali

Go Surfing!

Rona and I surfing with Charlie Brown in Bali

The first thing I did on my first morning in Bali was take a surfing class with Charlie Brown at Berawa beach. The staff at Sedasa lodge organized my two hour surfing class which began at 10 in the morning, with great weather and waves for a beginner like me.

It was my first time to ever go surfing. Although surfing is not my sort of sport, it was fun to try something new and also with the help of the surfing instructors, it was made easy for me to step out of my comfort zone and attempt to surf! You will be taught the very basics, and will then get to experience the waves with the companionship of your instructor.

Get a Balinese full-body massage, IN YOUR ROOM.

Upon arrival in Bali, I have to admit that I was pretty exhausted from first attending several shows in Jakarta Fashion Week, and then traveling to Jogja with very little sleep. What my body mostly called for was a really good full-body massage. If you've never heard of the Balinese massage, then you're missing out. A Balinese massage is known for its use of a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and "qi" (energy) around your body, and results in a sense of well-being, calmness and deep relaxation.

Why don't you get your hotel staff to arrange a masseuse to come to your room for a Balinese massage after a long day of traveling?

See the culture

Bali is filled with new cultural adventures. Balinese people are very traditional, and believe in many cultural myths and stories which always fascinated me! It was great to visit some local Hindu temples in Ubud. Seeing the cultural differences was a highlight for my trip in Bali.

Having been traveling in Bali with a local (staff member at Sedasa lodge) has opened my eyes to the way locals think and live their day to day lives.

Drink LOTS of Coconut water

I adore this thing called coconut water. It is super hydrating, tastes delicious and is one of the most refreshing drinks (according to me), and when in Bali ... you MUST have lots of coconut water. Not only will it keep you hydrated in the humid weather, but it will also give you a delicious treat on your day.

Drinking coconut water and having sudden heart to heart conversations (Indonesians call this 'Curcol') became a ritual for my travel partners and I. Coconut water became more than just a treat, but a heart-felt drink!

Talking about delicious: try Balinese fried duck

This is a very well known dish across Indonesia, and it is originally from Bali. It tasted delicious and rich. If you are new to spicy food, you should keep the 'Sambal' on low key to avoid the famous Bali belly. 

Rooftop Yoga early in the morning

I love Yoga, and having an early morning Yoga session before your breakfast to begin the day is marvelous. Imagine having that session on the rooftop, with the sounds of nature and beautiful views in Bali.

At Sedasa lodge, Yoga sessions are offered every morning starting 7am by their very own Yoga instructor. I advise anybody who plans to stay at the lodge, or visiting Bali in general, to have at least one morning which starts with a really good Yoga session under the light of nature.

Visit the Monkey Forest

Due to my nature of being a scaredy cat, I did not manage to take any good photos of the monkeys running around the forest (despite the fact that there were sooooo many of them everywhere!). This forest is beautiful, and the fact that there are free monkeys running around makes it a little bit more exciting!

I strongly recommend visiting this forest located in Ubud, it also contains a Hindu temple which is interesting to see. The greens and natural habitat of the monkeys is the highlight of course, along with the dragon bridge/staircase shown above!

Tagenungan Waterfall

This waterfall was breathtaking. It was certainly worth the climb of the multiple steep stairs leading to this view. The rain the night before these photos were taken made the water less clear, unfortunately, but the view was still spectacular. 

Take a traditional cooking class

Another activity offered by Sedasa Lodge: a traditional cooking class. From this I got to know all the spices used in traditional Balinese dishes (which were filled with flavor by the way!). We made fish satay, and chicken wrapped in banana leaves (which was then grilled). This was served with steamed rice, as usual. 

I strongly recommend that any food lover or cooking enthusiasts attend one of these classes! The result is a very delicious meal too.

In the end, there are numerous other things you can do in Bali: such as diving, swim with dolphins and visit other zoos for those of you who are interested. Unfortunately, due to time restriction I did not get to do those activities. However, other things I recommend when in Bali which I did manage to do are the following:

1. Have a drink at Finns beach club. This place is gorgeous and quite modern
2. Visit the butterfly park / museum if you wish to see some superbly beautiful, larger than average size butterflies
3. Hit the night-life in Bali: a party in Bali is always a good idea! the music and the vibrant life is very attractive
4. Go shopping! the local stores, especially jewelry and hand-made accessories are certainly worth it ... especially for you ladies
5. Oh and last but not least: STAY AT SEDASA LODGE, if you can. Staying at Sedasa made all my activity planning so much easier. You can choose from their many list of activities (including surfing, hiking, sightseeing, organic market shopping, cooking classes, Balinese massage, and so much more!) and have the staff plan something for you ;)