Stretch marks: a taboo word in a female's dictionary. 

Nobody likes stretch marks, and despite the fact that its very common to have them, people are still extremely insecure about them. Myself included.

I have experienced several periods in my life where I gained weight rapidly (soon after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes) and then lost it, and regained, then lost again. It has been a constant struggle with weight ever since I began taking insulin for my diabetes. As a result of that, my body has suffered some scarring which made me feel horrible about the way I looked. I did not want to be seen from certain angles, and did not want to show or share my body with anyone. I was also very upset when I found out that stretch marks are mostly a result of pregnancy, and the majority who struggled with them seemed to have had them due to pregnancy, and here I was, in my early 20's, zero babies, yet suffering with stretch marks.

So the question: "How to get rid of stretch marks?" soon became a frequent visitor to my thoughts. I tried everything suggested on the market, from drugstore products as well as high-end beauty creams that promised to get rid of stretch marks. Nothing worked, and let me tell you: nothing like creams/lotions that commercially promise to get rid of stretch marks will work.

The best option if you realllllly want your stretch marks to disappear is to have what I call 'proper' removal treatments, like laser or surgical procedures. This field I still need to research further as I have not strongly considered it yet. But, I did find a few tips that worked for me personally in reducing the appearance of stretch marks SIGNIFICANTLY. Sometimes, depending on the condition of your tiger stripes, they can even make them seem non existent!

That's what I wanted to share with you today; I always love sharing super tips that have worked like magic for me, and hopefully will for you too (because I know how horrible it is to struggle with body insecurities)

Keep yourself and your skin hydrated

I have noticed that each time my skin is dry, stretch marks are more noticeable and visible. Keeping your skin hydrated inside and out is a good way to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. I headed over to google to find out if my personal observation is valid and is making sense, and turns out it is!

Water increases the elasticity of your skin and will therefore help in decreasing the appearance of stretch marks, as well as preventing them from occurring. Don't skin your daily water intake, always keep yourself hydrated for a healthy body and therefore a healthy looking skin.


There are numerous brands that promise to have scrubs with formulas that help removing stretch marks. I have tried many types of scrubs, and even made my own at home (using sugar and honey) which helped in decreasing the appearance, but did not remove the marks entirely. Coffee scrubs are said to be very helpful when dealing with stretch marks. Scrubbing is good in general, as long as it is gentle and that you do not over do it. It helps rejuvenate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Add it to your skin care and body care routine, at least once a week.

My little secret: use Vicks Vapor Rub

Well, this is no longer my little secret. I was amazed at the results I witnessed only two days after continuously using Vicks Vapor Rub on the affected parts of my body. I came across using Vicks as a remedy for stretch marks when I was reading other women's struggles online, and saw a couple of online users swearing that using Vicks can make your stretch marks disappear in a matter of one week of use! so I took the challenge and I noticed that stretch marks are SIGNIFICANTLY less noticeable after using Vicks only for two days.

Here's how to use it:
- Apply on affected area before going to bed each night
- Massage onto the area
- Cover the area well (I like to use tighter clothing so that the area is well sealed, a good tank top would do for me)
- Repeat this every night until you start seeing results

I honestly really don't know which ingredient in Vicks that makes this happen, but it actually works! I even told all my girlfriends about this and it worked for them too.

Again, I'd like to remind you that everything I've written is based on my own personal experiences. Each one of has has a different body, and will react differently to certain treatments. Also, learn to love your body regardless its flaws, because in the end: its perfectly natural to be flawed. Additionally, the condition of your stretch marks (indicated by the color) plays a role on how to treat them.