I have always been drawn into vintage-inspired clothing. The romantic feel that vintage women wear has, with all the use of lace and elegant embroidery makes it hard to ignore, as well as hard to not dress up!

I find retro-clothing, and vintage-inspired trends very appealing because whats classic will never go out of style. This is a rule I have in my fashion book whenever I begin questioning what to buy and what to wear, especially on occasions which will be held in memory for a lifetime. 

There are numerous vintage-inspired clothing labels, but only a few are able to stand out. Darccy & Soma London is one of those which never fail to deliver great quality vintage-inspired clothing, ranging from jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and so much more! It is a London based vintage-inspired clothing brand which offers contemporary fashion with a Victorian twist. 

This Victorian twist is exactly what I felt when wearing one of their vintage-inspired dresses (the dress I am wearing is: RIBBON SLEEVE DRESS - PINK). The fabric feels great on the skin, and the lace detail is of top quality. I immediately stepped into a whole new era as soon as I put on this dress ...

Anybody else into vintage-inspired clothing? ;)