I have often struggled with applying liquid liner, and I was always hesitant when wearing it. I tried everything, from liquid liner pens, to the conventional eyeliners, but still found the technique of applying liquid liner difficult, and not to mention that many of the products I've tried failed to remain long lasting, and would soon smudge after application.

My favorite beauty product of 2016: the long-wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown is my absolute favorite eyeliner, for several reasons.

First of all: despite the fact that you have to purchase an additional brush to apply this liner, it never fails to perfect my makeup. It is extremely long lasting, smudge-proof and the perfect shade of black that I wish to achieve with my liner. The application with a gel liner brush makes it precise and results in a pleasant cat-eye look (which I adore, by the way!).

Thank you, for perfecting my eye-liner in 2016. #Love