I am a whore for couture.

I adore the freedom given to each designer to showcase the most creative and outstanding pieces of art on the runway, in forms of clothing and astonishingly beautiful accessories. The make up, the hair and the extravagance of couture is always appealing to me. Not to mention that not every designer has the ability or talent to produce couture, which makes this once-a-year event that much more attractive to aesthetes like myself. 

Now that Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris is officially over, I smiled as I scrolled through the many wonderful creations of prestigious fashion houses that debuted their couture collections during the week. Choosing my favorites has never been this difficult, because I have to admit that this year the couture has been beyond wonderful. 

Christian Dior

 Maria Grazia Chiuri took us all on a trip to a fantasy garden filled with couture magic on her first ever Christian Dior couture show! The gowns were everything I'd imagine on a dreamy, magical, floral land. The accessories and styling of the show was complemented with nature. I loved the 50's Dior feel that was still present, mixed with a modern-day fantasy that Maria has envisioned and used a a metaphor of her own life and career path.

Armani Privé

Giorgio Armani mixed orange with black, a very un-safe move i'd say ... yet it turned out to be fabulously couture.

The designer took a twist and implemented it on the classic blazer, making it much more fashion forward in geometric patterns, color and orange tones. That was probably my favorite part about the show: the pimped up classic blazer! Not to mention the genius use of sequins and unconventional color mixing.

Elie Saab

My sister Salsabil and I had an argument regarding Elie Saab's couture, me being in favor of how beautiful it looked on the runway, she - on the other hand - found it boring and un-couture material. To a certain extent, I found myself agreeing ... however, the prettiness and Elie Saab's signature design aesthetic cannot be ignored, because it is stunningly beautiful! 


This was my personal favorite collection. I have always been a big Givenchy fan, and their couture pieces reminded me why I love the brand so much. 

Riccardo Tisci did a wonderful job presenting his 13 beautiful creations for the 2017 Spring Couture collection. The dresses were shown and modeled in a way that showcased the garments in motion, making them much more beautiful to look at. The styling was impeccable and clean, which when paired with the drama of couture results in perfection.

Jean Paul Gaultier

This collection felt like the 80's to me (although I personally have never been there, I'm a 90's kid). The electric blue, and splashes of bold yellow somewhat reminded me of the 80's trends, which is always a marvelous throwback.

Maison Margiela

John Galliano suprised us all with his ultra-creative approach towards couture! and I loved it.

I had to include this garment as one of my favorite pieces because it really leaves an impression, and is a piece that has the potential of going down in the history of couture. Love the creativity, and love the artistic approach to design.

Ulyana Sergeenko

Happy 10th birthday to Ulyana Sergeenko's couture! I loved the sleeves in most of the garments presented by the designer during Paris couture week.

Victor & Rolf

This collection made me happy for so many different and good reasons.

One, the designers went back to dresses dating from the 40's, and used materials from them to recreate a new couture collection. How genius!

Second, it felt like a dreamy land to me. Just like dress up with couture, and I adored that. The gowns towards the end of the show gave fairy-tale vibes to me, which is always a great feeling.

Third, this collections speaks couture pretty loudly.


Valentino kept its couture collection simple, taking inspiration from historical icons and architecture. The collection speaks volumes about ancient simplicity in buildings, aesthete, and flow. The use of pale colors, reds and dominant whites illustrate purity in the collection. The silhouette indicated purity as well, as it became extremely simple and sophisticated with its own simplicity.