Go ahead

Surprise me

Because I’ve forgotten how it feels.

It seems like all is moving in ordinary pace. Ordinary madness, and ordinary life. I often wondered why is it that people loved to share their ordinary daily lives so much? Even eating became somewhat noteworthy and shared, although it has been a necessity of life from the very beginning. 

Today, the thought of surprise crossed my mind once again. I found myself thinking about the miracle of being able to surprise others, for good reasons of course. It is indeed a miracle, because of its rarity and complex-to-achieve nature.

 It became difficult to have the ‘surprise factor’ as a human being, because everybody is busy boasting about the extra-ordinariness of their ordinary lives. 

Go ahead and surprise me. Give me something to write about, or to write for. Give me the thrill of a lifelong awaited adventure, and watch me grieve the days I wasted without this hint of surprise. Show me that there is good amid all the evil I’ve seen. Tell me that you love me, loved me, and always have been. Penetrate my soul, and watch me open it up for you. Give me a second of surprise, and I’ll give you a lifetime in return.