Makeup is a fundamental part in the life of all women. It makes them feel confident, beautiful, and different. However, in some circumstances makeup can do more harm than good. Wearing makeup 24/7 has serious consequences, and to avoid skin blemishes it is important to wash off the face every morning and evening. Proper moisturizing is equally important. Some women are obsessed with wearing makeup. Permanent eye-liner for example, was once a huge trend. Face lashes, permanent lip contouring, and eyebrow tattoos are also clear indications that makeup plays a very important part in your life. 


Are you spending a fortune on makeup? 

If you’re spending more than $500 a month on foundations, eyeshadow, liners, and concealers, then you’re clearly obsessed with wearing makeup. You probably don’t even have time to use them all before they expire. But that won’t stop you from buying more. If this is you, you’re probably a “cosmocholic”. The list doesn’t stop at products meant for the face, because as soon as you have everything that you need to fix your face, you might need some more for hair and body. 

Truth be told, women don’t need that many cosmetic products to look amazing. But they somehow feel that it’s never enough. Compulsive shopping for beauty products is common. It all begins when young women turn 16, and their skin goes through puberty. It keeps going until you’re 20 something to realize that you’re beautiful just the way you are. 

Some women take things to the extremes though. They use lots of makeup to cover imperfections rather than take better care of their skin. The problem with the skin is not at the surface, but underneath. If you don’t hydrate and consume bad foods, your skin will “ask” for help. But if you don’t listen, the results are pimples, zips and skin discoloration. 

How to stop compulsive makeup shopping 

Putting an end to your compulsive shopping for beauty products is hard. How can you resist the temptation of NOT buying that band new mascara from Mac, or that all-natural foundation from Sephora? You just can’t. For many women, buying makeup products is like buying shoes. They’re never enough. 

But there are smart ways to save cash. They key is to think long-term. Make sensible investments and try not to purchase products you know you won’t use. It might be smart to spend more on a Chanel lipstick – and use that one only – than buy 10 cheaper lipsticks that you won’t have the time to use in a year. Another great tip is to invest in complete sets. This way you’ll have everything you need in a single package, and you won’t feel tempted to buy some more. 


Makeup or no-makeup?

Makeup can change a woman’s physical appearance completely. However, it doesn’t change who you are. No matter how good you look when you’re all dolled up, it won’t change how you feel about yourself when you get out of the shower wearing nothing but your skin and natural features. It’s no secret that people have concerns as far as their bodies is concerned. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fix them by changing our approach.

It’s ok to wear makeup when going to work, or attending a party. But if you feel like wearing it at 6 am in the morning when walking the dog, then you’re probably obsessed and not confident at all in your own skin. Try skipping makeup step by step, and focus more on eating properly and drinking more water to have beautiful skin.


Another great tip is to use organic products. Mineral make up for example, is paraben free. It doesn’t contain chemicals and it might actually help the skin recover. Soon enough you’ll feel great without having to add anything on your face. Believe it or not, nothing tops natural beauty and no matter how many products you choose to apply on your face, it doesn’t change who you are. Make a sensible decision and stop buying make-up products at random. Read the ingredients before buying and make sure that specific product is what your skin needs to look good.