This is a book that really lived up to its title, in other words: it is really about dirty pretty things!

Michael Faudet caught my attention when his prose hit instagram, pinterest and tumblr like a storm. The poetic social media community was very moved by his work of art in written forms, and as a very big fan of poetry, I was thrilled to witness a new rising star in this field. 

I have previously shared the work of Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav and Alison Malee (all are amazing rising stars in the world of poetry by the way!) on my social media accounts, but what makes Faudet's work very different is that it really celebrates the vulgar prettiness of love making, attraction and lust. This is a topic of discussion which dominated poetry throughout history, especially ones from my own heritage as an Arab. It came so naturally that I was drawn into his work, because ... I admit I like dirty pretty things!

So how did I find the book?

Pretty dirty, actually. 

The book contains multiple aspects of a relationship: love, lust, loss, and sex. The author uses erotic forms of writing to show such aspects, and are beautifully portrayed with poetry and catchy prose. It is certainly a good, quick read for the evening. 

Visit my GoodReads profile for more books & reviews! I gave this one a rating of: 4/5