I was introduced to Alison Malee's work by my eldest sister, when she told me that I should follow her on Instagram because I would love her work on poetry. I was drawn into reading her book 'Shifting Bone' which helped me bring back pieces of my personality and self-respect that I almost began letting go of. 

The book was generally a good read on several aspects on self development, love, and relationships - most importantly the one you have with yourself as a woman. Although there were a few poems that I could not truly grasp or relate to, the final chapter did it for me. It made me change my entire mind towards the book, making me give it a rating of 4/5.

The last chapter of the book helps the reader regain strength, self respect and hope for a better life ahead. It creates hope with written word, which only enforces the idea I already have regarding the strong power written word has on my mind and shape of thoughts. Alison Malee writes very beautifully which makes it transparent to see that she writes with her own personal experience in mind.

Certainly a good read for any modern poetry lover, especially for a quiet and easy Sunday.