Vienna is really my sort of city. 

The classic music, the art and breakfasts at Demel. Everything pretty much shouts what I love, loudly. 

The first time I was in Vienna, my eldest sister made sure that I pay a visit to Demel, a very well known cafe/restaurant in the Austrian capital. So I did. I woke up very early one day, and headed to the cafe before it even opened. There was already a line of tourists who were also desperate for a cup of morning coffee from this place. Luckily for me, I am an early bird, so I was one of those who headed the queue at the entrance.

The moment it opened, I could tell why my sister urged me to pay a visit and try it out: the layout was extravagantly classy. There was marble, wooden chairs and beautiful music playing. What a moment to fall in love. I wasn't very surprised actually, I mean this place dates back to 1888!

I promised myself to make it a ritual for every visit to Vienna: Balsam, you must have breakfast at Demel.

My personal favorite thing to have for breakfast there: scrambled eggs. Yummy.

Before you head out after breakfast, don't forget to take home some of their freshly baked cookies. Based on experience, those things are heavenly good.

If you are in Vienna, make sure you stop by because this place is beautiful for a calm morning. Address:

Kohlmarkt 14
A-1010 Vienna

Phone +43 (1) 535 17 17 – 0
Fax +43 (1) 535 17 17 – 26

Daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.