1952 was a good year. Why shouldn't it be? the long standing french brand Hermès launched amazingly trend-setting collections of clothes, and owning Hermès luggage was the cool thing (and probably still is!). We revisited the Hermès collection circa 1952 and found beauty that should be brought back; today's flashback takes you back to the 50's with an Hermès twist.

The photos shown above are all taken from the LIFE archive, showing several editorial images of a 1952 Hermès collection shot by Gordon Parks. 

What drew my attention to this collection is of course the unbelievably tiny and accentuated waists, as well as the aesthetics of the collection. The collection basically consisted of dresses made of painted fabrics which created a certain signature silhouette for the fifties Hermes era. I even saw one of the belts - which were used to highlight the incredibly tiny waists of the models - made out of painted fabric. The collection mixed arts, aesthetics and class all under one roof.