I recall writing a blog post with a letter I would send to Alexander McQueen if he would still be present with us today (you can read it here), and being drawn into the portrait of the designer which I used as an image on that article. The photographer who shot that portrait is no other than our modern day fashion photography legend: Tim Walker, who is today's Fashion Lens feature.

Tim Walker is a photographer who is commonly known to photograph for Vogue Magazine. He became a hit in today's fashion media due to his extravagance in staging and photography setting, often using wild animals, avant garde concepts and artistic layouts to take photos.

His interest in fashion photography was planted during his time when he worked on the Cecil Beaton (another favorite of mine!) archive a year before university. His passion for fashion photography lead him to continue a career path in this direction, working as a freelance photographer in London before moving to the big apple.

Here are a few shots by Tim Walker that I love:

Image source: http://www.timwalkerphotography.com/