How do you express love? Do you like to hold hands with your significant other or cook nice meals for them? Do you like to go out on dates even if you have been together a long time? Or do you like to show how much they mean to you by buying them presents? More and more people tend to show their affection by buying gifts to their partners and spouses, and parents shower their children with presents as well. Every person feels love differently from the next person, and it’s important to show our uniqueness by carefully choosing presents we give to the ones we love.

DIY heaven

Do-It-Yourself gifts are the best ones, because aside from giving your partner something as a gift, you show them how much time and effort you are willing to put into something simple like a present for them. If you are not particularly keen on knitting, sewing, or jewellery making, you can make something simple and yet wonderful using only your photographs and perhaps some love quotes. An ‘exploding’ photo box, a new photo frame made of old CDs, or a photo coaster. Choose the photos you both love and write small notes expressing your feelings on the back of each and your partner will be moved beyond words for sure. 


The best thing about jewellery is that it can convey so many messages: promise and engagement rings, friendship jewellery, and pieces that express your dedication to a cause. You should really know your girl and what she likes if you want to find perfect unique gifts for her. Perhaps she likes epic fantasy and a piece of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter inspired jewellery will knock her off her feet. Or she is a modest and shy person who likes discreet pieces, in which case a simple band with a nice gem or a symbol will make her very happy. Perhaps she doesn’t really wear jewellery, in which case a nice brooch will do the trick.

Home-cooked meal

There is something in food that brings people closer. Sharing a meal is an incredibly intimate moment that will connect the two of you even more. Is there anything better than sharing a meal you make with your own hands? You give the other person proof that you pay attention and that you listen, and you also show that you are willing to work hard to make them happy. If you’re not a particularly talented cook, a nice dessert will be enough. You can make something simple and romantic, such as chocolate fondue with your favourite fruit: strawberries, peaches, and bananas, or you can experiment and try chocolate cheese and bread. 

Date night

When was the last time you went on a date with your significant other? Usually when two people get engaged or married, they stop going out on dates. Surprise your partner with a date night: take them to the cinema to watch a movie instead of spending a night on a couch watching Netflix. You can buy popcorn, and go for a drink or two afterwards. It will be like you are rediscovering each other after a long time, and it can be very romantic. It will also show that you appreciate your significant other and don’t take them for granted. 

With Valentine’s Day ahead of us, we will be showered with roses and heart-shaped chocolates, but it’s better if you don’t allow these generic gifts to ‘seduce’ you. Take time to get a present that really shows your partner how much they mean to you. What is more, by giving unique and personalized presents, we show that we have been careful listeners who pay attention to the likes and wishes of their loved ones.