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Losing weight is not all about exercising or popping weight loss pills. Besides these common methods, you can also lose weight by eating foods that are weight-loss friendly.

Below are 7 of the top foods that can help you lose weight.


Drinking water daily can help in your weight management. Water is calories free. An intake of water in between meals or before any meal makes you eat less as it reduces your appetite levels. A reduction in eating more means you reduce your daily intake of calories. Also substituting other drinks which have high sugar levels with water means you have less calories and sugar in your body.
It is recommended to take 8 oz of water daily, although the actual amount you take will depend on you. Also, eating foods that have a high concentration of water like fruits will fill you up and you may not need to eat another meal.


Some foods rich in protein help you lose weight by reducing hunger hormones in the body. They also help to build muscles which in turn burn more calories. Replacing high carb foods with proteins like beans and other legumes, is one sure way of promoting weight loss. Proteins eaten alone without any carbs are enough to aid in boosting the body’s metabolism without any weight gains. In between meals, you can snack on a healthy and nutritious atkins protein bars. It has all the nutrients you will need for a filling meal and it will help in weight loss.


Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, spinach, potatoes, pickles and a few others can help you lose weight. Vegetables contain nutrients that aid the body into recovery and growth without adding any calories. A meal of vegetables reduces your appetite and this leads to lower intake of foods filled with carbs and other products that add weight to the body. Do you want to know more about the benefits offered by vegetables ? The following infographic can help.
Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic by Every Nutrient


Most fruits are calorie free. They are very refreshing and they contain natural sugar. Eating fruits daily can help in weight loss. They reduce the appetite for food at the same time boosting the body’s metabolism. Fruits are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Some of the best fruits to eat for weight loss are; watermelon, oranges, guavas, strawberries, blueberries, pears, guavas, kiwi. 

Add fruits to your meals and snack on them in between meals and you will not only be managing your weight by burning fat naturally, but you will also be boosting your body metabolism.

Foods rich in calcium

Calcium is said to restrict the storage of fat in our bodies. Foods rich in calcium like non-fat milk and soy are filling and contain fewer calories. They also contain Vitamin D which works hand in hand with the calcium to strengthen the bones.


Some seeds like flaxseed and chia seeds are very rich in nutrients. They contain low-calories and reduce cravings. This helps in not gaining unnecessary weight and in losing weight. They can be taken as on-the-go snacks or taken with other low carb foods that are weight loss friendly.


Not all nuts we eat help in weight loss. Many nuts contain very high calories. But there are some nuts that have very low-calorie levels and are great in weight loss management. These nuts can be added to most meals or eaten on their own.  Some of these nuts can also be eaten raw or toasted for a more appetizing flavor. Nuts help to reduce your appetite and they are filling on their own. They contain fiber and protein that is good for building the body’s metabolism. Some of the nuts best used for weight loss are walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts and pistachios.

Eating well with a bit of exercise will help you manage your weight and live healthy.

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