Rushing to a black-tie event or a gala gathering? As someone who’s been cultivating a minimalist approach to fashion, you, by now, know that true elegance doesn’t necessarily come from overwhelming outfits and over-embellished solutions. To look absolutely stunning, no matter where you may be headed, picking up a silk button-up shirt, tossing a pearl necklace around your neck and styling everything up with sleek shoes is possibly the most elegant, minimalist option you can choose. Take a quick look in the mirror on your way out and enjoy the grace and edgy sophistication you’re exuding.

Minimalist transformation

One of the most beautiful things about minimalist fashion is that almost every piece that you’ve got can be transformed into another outfit in a matter of seconds. That silk blouse you are wearing? Just roll up the sleeves and unbutton the first three buttons from the top. Let your hair down, remove the pearls and add metallic shimmer to your eyelids. You are now causal-drinks-date ready. Right?

Key events

If you are new to minimalism, there’s no reason to panic and think that you won’t be able to put together an outfit rich enough for a wedding or powerful enough for a business meeting, operating with just a few clothing items. If anything, with such a minimalist approach you’ll give power to yourself and the outfit even more profoundly! It’s all about knowing how to work the details and accents to your advantage.

Business meeting

The less, the better. Sophistication oozes from careful planning and quick results – both in business and minimalist fashion. Black or sand bell trousers (they’ve always been one of the pillars of minimalist fashion – they’re timeless and fantastically stylish) with tucked in, buttoned-up silk blouse are your key outfit for the meeting. A watch on your wrist will add seriousness, if that’s the vibe you are after. Black or sand shoes with slim heels; hair loose, in a pony or bun. Bring your laptop. You are done.

A night out

Transform your office outfit, into an outfit for casual drinks with your gals in a second. Just let your hair loose, add a rich color to the lips, unbutton the shirt and voila – perfect! Let the lace of your bra show a little. It won’t be slutty if it’s in accents. If anything, it’s minimalistic and intriguing. Leave the laptop at the office.

If you aren’t going straight from the office and actually have some time to browse through your pieces, choose something simple, yet effective. Minimalism loves one-color outfits so opting for something as simple as a hued milk white, sand, olive green, navy or black bodycon will do. Combine a few pieces in the same color for an added effect – a navy tailored jacket (don’t wear a shirt under it, just a navy bra) will work perfectly with navy bell pants and navy ballerina shoes. Your white shorts will exude edge paired with a simple buttoned-up white shirt and a pair of diamond/pearl bud earrings. Add a white clutch without any embellishments, to your outfit. Let your hair down.

Beach outing

Beach is that one place where minimalism works without much thinking. Still, it’s not just about wearing the skinniest bikini possible; rather, working around your bathing suit with minimalist accessories – that’s when the magic happens. To achieve beach minimalism, a caftan or a simple robe will add to the beach delight. As a true minimalist, you should choose your brand. We love all the possibilities that come with beautiful Camilla clothing as they are bot edgy and toned down. Pair up your short shorts with nothing but a bikini top. Grab a book with one hand, your slippers with the other and you’re already the minimalist beach queen.

Your best friend’s wedding

Unless you are forced to wear something ugly (we all know how bridesmaids’ outfits work), pick your own playful, charming outfit. You won’t steal the show in a minimalist knee-length white dress and strands of hair falling onto your shoulders from a loosely fitted bun. If that’s too much, wow everyone in a beige flowy maxi, ankle dress that will reveal your shoulders. Wear a DIY golden ring on your forefinger. Smile.

To be minimalist, all it takes is thinking in terms of less rather than more. Go through your closet and decide to divorce outfits that don’t spark joy. Once you do, you’ll probably be left with half the closet… but that’s okay. That’s when you’ll know you’ve grown into your minimalist fashionista role.