I am one of those individuals who takes advantage of any possible moment to grab a book and read. One of my recent similar moments was during a family breakfast which occurred yesterday during The Isra and Mi'raj religious holiday we had here in Oman. Thanks to the fabulous collection of books in Bait Al Dalaleel in Bait Al Zubair museum in Muscat, I found an interesting read about Luxe Fashion written by Caroline Cox.

The book had it all, it discussed pre-nineteenth century luxe fashion and extended its topic of discussion to modern luxe fashion. As you probably know by now, I have a heavy interest in vintage fashion and lifestyle in general. Which lead to the following catching my attention.

A tribute to the world's most enduring labels: Luxe Fashion - by caroline Cox

Lock & Co. Hatters: the world's oldest hat shop, which also happens to be the world's 34th oldest family owned businesses. Located in London, the hat store was founded by Robert Davis in 1676. The label dressed many iconic characters throughout history, including my personal favorite: Sean Connery in the early James Bond movies (in the 60's). The Sandown model hat gave James Bond the legendary spy look which added to his persona on the movie. Costing  £199, you can purchase your own from the store's location in London!


London SW1 - St James Street - Lock & Co founded 1676 photographed by Evelyn Hofer, in 1962 (source)

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