Even though the temperatures are far from high, the trends coming our way this spring are hot enough to melt icebergs. We’ve all had enough of snow, cold, winds, frost, and baggy clothes covering us up from head to toe. As March slowly passes, we see people shedding their gloomy of navy, grey, or black winter garments and looking forward to soaking in some much-desired sunshine. For those of you who can’t wait for spring – here’s a taste of some of the hottest spring trend to help you through.

Colourful stripes


Welcome back the 70s! It looks like we’ll be greeting the first spring sunshine in all sorts of colourful stripes, judging by what Banana Republic and RED Valentino have to offer. Bright stripes in all shapes and sizes will make you look like stepped into a time machine and got teleported to the groovy 70’s. Broad stripes on wide, flowy pants, skinny hypnotic stripes on silk shirts, and diagonal stripes on midi pencil skirts – every retro-loving girl’s dream. 

Glitter, sequins, sparkle


Glitter has been shyly coming into the limelight in the previous seasons: glittery nails, eye shadows, and handbags; but this spring you’ll be seeing sparkles everywhere. From eponymous  chic satin party dresses with crystals, miniskirts with two-way sequins, formal shirts with sparkling buttons, glittery high heels and scarves, and sparkling clutch bags. Be careful, wear too many glittery pieces and you’ll look like a Christmas tree. Instead, pick one or two that you like best and create an elegant and sophisticated outfit.  

One shoulder

It’s finally back – one of the most romantic trends: one-shoulder pieces! The cold shoulder is here to stay. Think about the colourful 80’s-inspired animal print, one-shoulder mini dress (Saint Laurent rocking it once again) or innovative shirts that look like they have been cut and sewn back together. You can choose to go wild with the animal print or channel your inner girly-girl with some silk and chiffon instead, but don’t be shy and try to hide your shoulders anymore. 


You’ve just gotten used to wearing your leggings and comfortable hoodies last year, and now you’re sad that the trend is going away? Lucky for you (and millions of other girls who adore looking stylish and feeling comfy at the same time), this spring you’ll get to keep your hoodie on. Street style promises to keep a sportier vibe, at least for the time being, so enjoy your colourful, comfy pieces and print leggings (both of which, rather conveniently, hug your every curve) in the months to come.

One of the best things about this year’s trends is the fact that the outfits you adored last year can easily be upgraded to stay on point. The core elements are still here, and you won’t have to spend a fortune trying to bring new life to your wardrobe. Always look at trends to find inspiration, but never follow them blindly – that will make you look like a mannequin. Try to find your own style. Experiment all the time, but always stay true to yourself.