Before making the decision to shave your face and convert shaving into a daily skin routine, we’ve laid out some core principles that might change your mind. To begin with, men and women have completely different body types. The hair on a woman’s face (which is barely noticeable), has nothing to do with the hair on a men’s face. The right products will benefit your complexion, and make it smoother than ever without having to shave or wax. Here are some reasons to compel you that shaving is not a good idea.

Rapid hair regrowth

It’s one thing to pluck your eyebrows (which is no longer in trend) and it’s a whole different thing to shave your entire face on a daily basis. Do it once and you might end up doing it for the rest of your life! Shaving usually stimulates the hair follicles to grow faster and thicker. You certainly don’t want that to happen. Also, what most women have on the faces is not even hair, but hair “puffs” that are almost invisible. It’s perfectly natural.

However, women with increased pilosity are somehow compelled to get rid of their moustache as they grow up. As an alternative to shaving – which only removes hair at the surface – you might want to consider waxing. Waxing lasts longer because the follicles are removed from the root. ILP laser procedures might be a good idea, but once again, you shouldn’t do it unless you have very thick hair. Consult with a nutritionist before doing anything as your body may suffer from hormonal imbalances. The right treatment can help keep excessive hair growth under control.

Rough skin

The skin on the face is extremely sensitive. Regardless, of your skin type, shaving will destroy the dermis. The sensation of smoothness is temporary, and it often doesn’t last more than 2 days. Through shaving your skin will need even more hydration and moisturizing. In time,

your complexion will lose elasticity and there are chances for wrinkles to become more visible at a very early age. All women want to have super soft, baby-like skin that looks impeccable. Shaving may lead to the onset of redness, zips, and hypersensitivity. It’s not something you want to see pop up out of the blue.

Unhealthy for the skin

Unlike men, which have more collagen pumped into the skin, women’s faces age faster. That’s not something you can stop, but you can prevent with hydration and a proper skincare routine. Water works miracles! Organic moisturizers, and scrubs made at home help the skin maintain its level of freshness regardless of your age.

Using a razor on a daily basis is not healthy either. Through shaving, your skin will exfoliate too much, and this can do irreparable damage to the dermis. Rather than have to use beauty products to compel the skin to regenerate, it’s a lot better to consider the alternatives – waxing or laser treatment. But these are only advised if you have thick, visible hair growth on your face.

Does shaving your face increase self-esteem?

It might, and many women do it because they wrongfully assume it will make them more attractive. Truth be told, after you shave you often apply makeup. Not all products are organic or allergen free, and shaving can make your skin become more sensitive. Chemical particles found in beauty products do not interact well with a newly-shaved skin tone. In case you never experience skin rashes or redness, you should know that shaving may activate these conditions. If your skin is dry, it will make it even drier.

We live in a world where men have become fond of full-body shaving procedures. This lowers a woman’s self-esteem and confidence levels. But it shouldn’t! Increasingly more women shave their faces in an attempt to have the perfect face. But it’s not something that lasts long-term.

Shaving is a temporary solution that may lead to faster and thicker hair-growth. Before taking the shortcut, you might want to get more acquainted with what clinic hair removal machines can do. These use harmless laser technology that stops the hair from growing for good. It’s a viable treatment that is permanent, and not just something you have to do daily.