The 70's held the birth of numerous remarkable fashion moments that will remain in the minds of fashion enthusiasts for a lifetime. It was the era of Twiggy, Jane Birkin and many more of my style icons and legendary fashion personalities. The 70's brought the power of suede sandals, and the hippie chic after its beginning of rise throughout the swinging sixties. 

I am very fond of the seventies aesthetics, particularly when it comes to their forms of dressing and styling. The accentuation of a woman's waist and the freedom to wear thigh-high boots and showing more leg is fascinating to me, as the seventies contribute largely to my personal collection of vintage fashion photographs. To celebrate this era, I decided to do my own take on 70's chic in today's time by selecting my personal favorite styling trends and items that enable us to live the lovely 70's style ... even in 2017.

The Suede Shoes


Wie-legged culotte by Jil Sander - Buy here.
 The Culotte has been the 'it' fashion item the last year, everybody all over the world is crazy about the wide-legged midi-length pants. In the middle east where I live, these are most comfortable to wear with the Arabian heat, which made them a huge success in the recent years with women's fashion here! My advice is to experiment with the fabrics and styling techniques, and go wide with them to give them a more modern twist. Oh and please, tuck in the shirt!

The Printed Maxi Dress

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Let us take this moment to thank Joni Mitchell's 1970's style influence and how she made the long printed maxi dress cool, and fashionable. Even today, the printed maxi dress is considered a vacation essential style piece that I MUST take with me on almost any vacation. 

There are many brands that make long sleeved, maxi dresses nowadays with amazing prints and fabric mixes. One I am loving right now is this Mary Katrantzou Maxi dress with beautiful blend of stripes and color

Mary Katrantzou maxi dress - Buy here.