Once February leaves the premises and March starts spreading that very familiar, almost whimsical scent of roses, maple and cut grass, everything starts awakening in joy. For the next few months, sunshine will be like powdered gold spread all over our everyday lives, and we’ll get to enjoy its warmth and balminess. And so, following the lines of the spring/summer awakening, our habits start changing, our moods transform and we once again become excited and happy about the warm-weather magic that is to happen between the months of March and August. 

And it’s not just our mood that changes; with the spring/summer awakening, our style evolves, too! Suddenly, the (outfit) risk is on point and there’s nothing that feels out of reach in the fashion domain – especially with such a wide range of options given to us by 2017 fashion experts and designers. 

Stick with us and dive into the selection of our favorite spring/summer trends we’ll be enjoying for the next few months.

Off-the-shoulder charm 

Much like that off-the-shoulder trend we used to worship back in the late ‘90s and again at the end of summer 2016, the new added twist is so cute it will melt your heart. The one-shouldered silhouette is adding to the fresh, upbeat summer vibe that is everything but constrained and stiff.  We love that the trend can be dressed up or down, depending on where you are headed. An off-the-shoulder top paired with shorts/jeans is a perfect option for a casual outing, while a one-shoulder dress is the thing for a date or some other special occasion. Add some ruffles to the combo and voila – everything about you becomes instantly stunning! An added bonus is that the trend is fun, flirty and very exotic, which makes it appropriate for virtually all ages.  

Flower sensibility 

No spring/summer ever has gone by without at least something floral added to it, and neither will this one. Think '60s and '70s-inspired interiors, wallpapers and dresses. 

Embroidery alarm 

We’ve started spotting embroidery at the end of 2016 in winter collections only to fully welcome it with open arms in spring/summer 2017. This spring/summer is all about embroidered details woven into individual pieces of clothing to give them a rather intriguing, almost mysterious flair. Depending on your take of it, embroidery can be very elegant (statement single patches) or youthful and boho (scattered all over clothing items, irregular). It’s up to you how you’ll wear it! 

Sheer summer drama

Although we’re used to seeing sheer for the Coachella, it’s time we adjusted to a whole new sheer epilogue. This summer, sheer dresses, overcoats, cardigans, shirts and undershirts come in all silhouettes and styles and they’re looking pretty fabulous. Worn alone (if you are daring enough, that is) or combined with cute playsuits, jeans, skirts, denim cut-offs and other items, sheer pieces are definitely going to be in the role of statement numbers this summer.  

Graphic T shirts for the outspoken  

Ever since Dior made it its business to launch slogan T-shirts, they’ve turned into the thing for the summer.  They are easily combined with pretty much everything, but we have a feeling they’re targeting a younger group. However, if you are feeling particularly feisty and outspoken, wear your slogans with pride no matter your age! 

Stripes on duty 

This summer, everything’s about stripes! We love the pajama vibe that’s once again dominating the scene as well as the playfulness of hard and soft that comes with it. Oversized with stripes is once again popular and we love how designers have gone on a mission of turning something so plain into a screamingly exciting trend. Dresses and shirts in bold, geometric stripes are effortless and chic, and perfect for a sartorial statement this summer. 

Cinched at the waist 

We can’t say we were really surprised to see that corsets - in an array of textures, colors and fabrics - got a major revamp for the season.  To style over a sundress or oversized T-shirt, go for a lighter material lace-up corset. 

Gingham is back 

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Back in full force this summer, gingham is once again proving its timelessness. Try it with off-the-shoulder styles, playful skirts or all Americana-inspired crop tops.