Allow me to make a confession: I cannot fall asleep without going on tumblr. first. It somehow grew to become my absolute 'guilty pleasure', 'addiction', and good friend in the last year. Sad? I don't care, but the things I have learnt on tumblr. probably match to my lifetime of schooling, so no I wouldn't call that sad at all.

I started tumblring a long time ago, ever since I started writing on blogs online as a teenager, but not until quite recently did I begin to make tumblr a daily necessity in my life. I have followed several blogs of amazing writers, artists, activists and so on ... from which I grew to appreciate art, life, and myself.

Unlike other social media sites (which I am fasting from right now btw!), tumblr does not heavily concern itself with promotion, paid posts, what I call fake advice, or over-the-top-impossible-images-that-make-you-feel-bad-about-yourself. The community you choose to follow on tumblr gives you the absolute freedom on how you wish to use the platform, which gives me a sense of community, more like a tumblr family

I found numerous blogs that I love following on tumblr, many of them are women who share ideologies with myself. Many of them are also older women who I ask for advice every now and then; art enthusiasts who introduced to me new artists and historical artifacts that I never knew about before. What I also love about tumblr is the freedom it gives to bloggers to express their thoughts in an open discussion with eachother, through questions and reblogging. It makes everything so much more easier to share and appreciate, without losing the authenticity of the original post. This freedom of expression drew my attention to many women who are present on the platform, and happen to be from my very own demographic region. It felt nice to have somebody thinking and feeling the same way as I do, and I can finally relate to somebody.

Recently, one blog that I have followed for a very long time offered the following advice when I asked a very personal question. I was surprised that she told me that she went through a similar experience in the past, and her words touched me: 

"Put yourself first ... always!"

Those simple words are very easy to understand, but not so easy to implement to one's life. This one kick from fellow tumblr blogger gave me the green light to actually begin putting myself first over everything else. She made it okay for me to not feel selfish from time to time, a feeling that kills me often. 

Sometimes you find the 'older sister figure' in strangers from tumblr, I thought to myself.