In India and some others Asia countries, the people call guava with a name” king of fruits”. Guava has this special name because it owns many precious substances that can bring a lot of benefits to the health. In this article, we will go deeply inside the guava and discover how exactly a guava makes us become healthier. 

1. Control Diabetes 

Guava is one of the best fruits for the people with diabetes because guava has a high amount of dietary fiber. A medium size guava can provide 3 grams of dietary fiber, 12 percent of daily fiber requirement for an adult. Being rich in the fiber, guava can help the body maintain the blood glucose level in normal range.  

From that, guava can protect the body from the harmful effect, hyperglycemia as well as hypoglycemia. Another reason why guava is a healthy fruit option for the people with diabetes is because it ranked low on glucose index, one guava only has 8 grams of carbohydrate which is equal to 2 percent of daily glucose requirement.  

It will be better if you peel the guava before you eat because the guava’s cover contains the most sugar amount of this fruit. Therefore,  you should  consume one or two guavas per day to have the good control in blood glucose.  

2. Weight loss 

With the people who want to reduce the number in the scale or keep the body in fit shape, guava is certain fruit in their weight loss diet. Guava can help you decrease the weight safely and effectively. The high amount of dietary fiber in guava makes your body feel full in a longer time with the less or same calories intake. The fiber is able to fill stomach quickly and easily then the receptors in the stomach send a message to the brain”Yeah, we are full, we will stop” so you will eat less than normally. 

 Guava actually helps you free from the urge to eat from a sudden hunger in the late afternoon, which is a reason force you to take the high calories snacks. The good time to take a guava is before the lunch so you will feel full in all the afternoon. One more useful tip for weight loss with guava is increasing in water consumption which adds the extra effect of fiber in making feeling full.  
You should drink at least 2,5 liters per day equals to 8 big water cup, if you are having the cardiovascular issue or any conditions that limit the fluid intake, please take more advice from your consultant about your plan. 

3. Immune system boost 

Do you often suffer from flu, cough and long time healing with just only a small skin wound? Your immune system may be weak and needs the support. According to a research from Strohle and Hahn, the phagocytes and T- cells require vitamin C to perform their task, properly so this is the reason that the deficiency of vitamin C can lead to the weakness of the immune system. In this case, a guava can help you better than any supplements. The rich content in antioxidants of guava can promote the immune system ability. A medium size guava may supply 209% of daily vitamin C requirement, it has the higher vitamin C four times than an orange.  

4. Prevent hair loss 

Not only be beneficial to the health of many organs in the body, guava leaves can enhance the hair condition, especially with the people who suffer from hair loss. Guava leaves make the hair become stronger and reduces the hair follicle so that, the hair loss condition will improve fast and safely. 
  1. You boil a handful of guava with two or three water litters then leave it cool down for 30 minutes and strain the water, finally 
  2. After you shampoo, you apply the guava leaves water onto your hair. 
  3. Repeat this home remedies three times per week to get the desired result. 

Moreover, the guava leaves are used widely such as treating typhoid fever, amebiasis, eyelid cysts and so on 

5. Natural Constipation Treatment 

Constipation is the annoying condition in the colon and is one of the risk factors of colorectal cancer. If you were suffering from constipation, a guava could help you a lot. The high amount of dietary fiber in guava contribute the bulk in stool and the stool will pass through the colon more easily. Moreover,  there is a certain content of the laxative substances in guava seeds so next time, you should crush the seeds to get the benefit in treating constipation. 

6. Cancer prevention 

Do you know that consuming guava can decrease the risk of some certain cancers? The reason stays in the rich antioxidant content of guava. A medium-sized guava can provide 12 percent of daily life requirement of vitamin A which was proven as reducing the prostate cancer risk. The vitamin C in guava is also very rich and this vitamin kind is able to wipe out the free radical which causes cancer.


7. Eyesight 

The vitamin A in guava can promote your eyesight and luckily, guava is a rich source of vitamin A. Taking a guava per day can protect your eyes from cataracts as well as macular degeneration, which are the common condition in elderly.  

8. Brain Health 

Guava is also a good source of vitamin B6 which can improve the blood circulation to the brain. Through that, your brain can focus on a longer time without fatigue. Moreover, guava helps relax the nerves so it can prevent a headache. 

Written by: Hannah Hall

Bio: Hannah Hall had the time worked as a staff nurse in Australia and Denmark where her main responsibility was patient nutrition manage. Now, she continues to take part in a lot of research which are related directly to nutrition. Moreover, sharing knowledge and writing are her particular passion. She also works as a major contributor in a which provides many articles in natural and home remedies and you can follow her on Facebook.