Gone are the days when female beauty was synonymous with long, flowing locks of hair. While long hair is still more than acceptable in today's world, shorter hairstyles have never been more accepted and conventional. Opting for a shorter hairstyle adds a whole new definition to your image and can portray several different statements about who you are and what type of aura you want to display.  

Choosing to chop off a good portion of your hair does not mean that you should accept the limited options ranging from the buzz cut to the wavy bob cuts. There are dozens of different styles that can be adapted to women with shorter hair. Below we will look at three of the trending short hairstyles for women in 2017. 

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What Does Short Hair Say About You? 

In the not so distant past, women with short hair were thought to be trying to display a tough, almost masculine type of personality. According to an article by Merril Fabry that appeared in Time Magazine, in almost all cultures around the world, shorter hair has always been identified as masculine while the feminine look depended on having long hair.   

However, our modern-day society is beginning to challenge some of the most rigid, cultural gender norms that have defined how both men and women are supposed to appear, act, and behave.  Just as today, it is not out of the ordinary to see men with long hair, so also is it customary for women to don shorter hairstyles. From women leaders in the business and finance world, to famous female athletes, to supermodels, all sorts of women have recently taken to shorter haircuts.  

Furthermore, the meaning and symbolism behind shorter hair for women is not the same as it once was. Short hair can be a statement of toughness, but it can also be incredibly tender. Short hair in women can portray typical masculine archetypes such as resilience, independence and competitiveness while at the same time also embody the typically considered feminine attributes of gentleness, compassion, and sensitivity.  

According to one recent study by Jodi Manning from Western Connecticut State University titled “The Sociology of Hair: Hair Symbolism Among College Students”, considers that although shorter hair in women used to be identified with certain personality types and characteristics, popular culture in society is drastically changing how women see and consider different hairstyles and their hidden meanings.  

So, whether you´re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a college student, or a stay at home mom with six kids, any one of these three fashionable short hairstyles are perfectly suitable for you.  

The Short Shag 

Many women mistakenly believe that it is impossible to have bangs with short hairstyles. Nothing could be further from the truth. The short shag keeps long bangs in front that can be swept either to the right or to the left for a little bit of versatility in your look. Additionally, you can opt for some extra layering on the sides and back which allow for several different styling options. This cut is great for women wanting to portray and image of maturity, self-assurance, and sensibleness.  

Sophisticated Bob Cut 

Bob cuts in women used to be symbolic of an excess of testosterone. Today, however, the sophisticated bob cut with shorter hair in the back gradually giving way to longer hair on top and on the bangs is the essence of refined beauty. Coupling your bob cut with some multi-dimensional tones spread throughout your hair will give your look a little extra sheen as well.  

Shattered Pixie Cut 

For women who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, a pixie cut is a perfect way to draw the attention of eyes all around you. The boldness of a short pixie cut will let others know that you aren’t afraid to be you in all your uniqueness and individuality. A shattered pixie haircut differs from a normal pixie cut in that it incorporates several different textures and covers up any solid lines in the hair. This is a great option for women with thick, coarse hair who want to embrace a shorter hairstyle.  
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The Unlimited Number of Options with Short Hair 

These are only three of the top short hairstyles for women. With a little bit of creativity, you can add or subtract from these basic styling options to find a variety that is all your own. With short hair, you are not stuck to the same style day in and day out until your hair grows out, but can continually experiment with new designs and style. As your hair continues to grow out, you will also find an ability to incorporate some medium length hairstyles as well. Embracing shorter hairstyles really does open a whole variety of options for chic elegance and new character.  

Aron James is the founder of StubblePatrol.com. Stubble Patrol is a site on male style. He loves to write about his personal experiences.