Vogue, October 1952
Men, I absolutely love them; and one thing I never admitted to is the fun I get every-time I have those rare beauty talks with my male friends. I mean, they really have some valuable advice and beauty practices that us women can learn from. Today, I am listing down the beauty tips & tricks I learnt from some close male friends that actually work for me (I don't know if this is relevant to mention, but since I know many of you might make assumptions: all the men I learnt these beauty stuff from are straight).

So, what beauty lessons did I learn from men?

They HATE dry skin

Is there a phobia of dry skin? because I can swear that many of the males I know have that. I once struggled with dry skin all over my body due to cold weather conditions, and I tried EVERYTHING I can think of to avoid the issue of dry skin during winter. Finally, I decided to ask a friend of mine about what he uses and he recommended a drug-store product which did wonders for me. The product was basically an after-sun spray ... I never thought I'd use it for my dry skin problem. IT WORKED!

This also brings me to another point I learnt from men: they always tend to moisturize their entire body after taking a shower. This again comes to the dry skin phobia I think they have; they're strongly committed to their post-shower moisturizing routines, which I actually find admirable.

They like to use their hands (it's not what you're thinking)

I always encourage the use of hands to warm up products before applying them to the rest of your body; this is particularly true for light foundations I use, because I find that the application is easier and the finishing is much more natural looking. 

As for what I learnt from males I know: they also use their hands to warm lotions, and surprisingly fragrance! Yes, I have seen it a couple of times where they spray perfume onto their hands first, and then they'd apply it onto other parts (most likely their necks). I don't know if this causes irritations to some people, but I tried using this tactic and it actually makes the fragrance stick longer onto my skin and it makes me smell fresher for longer periods.

I really don't know to what extent this is true, or might not be true at all, but I found it interesting and it actually works.

They use shampoo & conditioner wisely

Shampoo is supposed to be for cleansing your scalp, conditioner is supposed to bring life to the ends of your hairs. The hair closest to your scalp is naturally conditioned, it does not need any extra commercial products. If you can, skip the conditioner all together ... your hair should be left as clean as possible in order for it to rejuvenate and grow healthily.

The above was advice given to me by a hair expert, however, I actually learnt this from a male friend of mine three years before my encounter with the hair specialist.

Thanks, you know who you are :p

In general, I find that many of the males I know have very valid beauty advice. I am not generalizing, but I am speaking from my experience with men: they tend to find the most efficient, cheapest products to buy. They will stick to products that work, and if they are at an accessible price point, then they would be hooked on them.