Can you spot me trying to secure an order?

Madrid is a never ending party, I just love it. 

 One of the highlighted locations from visiting Madrid was the Chocolateria San Gines: a cafe which  serves chocolate con churros since 1894, and a must go-to destination for any chocolate or churros lover. 

Myself being the latter, I took the chance to visit the cafe immediately to enjoy some spanish hot chocolate (which is by the way nothing like the warm chocolate milk we all know, but the spanish hot chocolate is just melted dark chocolate served thick for you as a dip with churros in this case). 

The menu of the cafe also includes various types of coffee, juice and even beer. However, its main purpose is to serve churros which is why they dominate most of the menu, coming in different sizes and dips, most famously: the hot chocolate dip.

The green marble tables and setting inside the cafe attracted me even more, despite the endless crowds queuing to get a taste of the famous churros. It did take some time for us to get a 4 persons table inside the cafe, due to the crowd, but the experience was worth it anyway.

For those interested to visit, you can reach the Chocolateria by going to the following address in Madrid:

Pasadizo de San Gines, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Oh, and I believe it is open 24 hours daily. After party snack, anyone?