Nordkirchen Castle, or Schloss Nordkirchen in German, is a palace situated in a town called Nordkirchen in Coesfeld, Germany. Any visitor of the palace is destined to enjoy picturesque views, well-kept beautiful gardens, and numerous wedding ceremonies and brides/grooms running around the location.

I had the pleasure to be toured in the palace with a German friend of mine who suggested and planned the day visit knowing that I would love it; AND I DID!

The palace has a very rich history since its opening in 1734. In addition to its distinguishable ownership history, the palace entertains with its architecture, interior design and beautiful grounds that are well kept. The palace, often also named "Versailles of Westphalia", deserves to be in the spotlight for everybody to visit when in Germany.

Address: Schloßstraße 1, 59394 Nordkirchen, Germany