Anybody who was born, raised or lives in the Middle East can confidently state that the region takes Oud very, very seriously. Myself included.

What is Oud?

For those who are still not familiar with Oud, it is a product delivered from the agar tree, which is popularly grown in India. It is basically the result of a mold which occurs on the tree, and happens to be the most expensive timber in the world (which I can certainly confirm). 

We use Oud for one main reason: to smell good. It comes in many various products nowadays and has been introduced to the western market by many international fashion and lifestyle brands, gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. The original strong scent of Oud is not everybody's cup of tea, and many of my foreign friends who visited Oman simply could not understand our fascination with Oud; but rest assured that now you can have diluted fragrances with a simple touch of Oud in them, mixed with other materials such as vanilla and patchouli (my absolute favorite combination).

Anyway, as an Oud lover and a crazily obsessed arab with Oud products, here are my few favorite Oud-scented products that I can promise to be friendly for those who are not so familiar with the scent. I have tested and tried these products and can guarantee satisfaction when using them. 

I have chosen three types of products: for your home, hair and for yourself.


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ROJA PARFUMS produce Oud-scented candles that smell heavenly in a subtle way. They last a very long time and will definitely leave your home space smelling Oriental and beautiful. My personal favorite scents are the original Aoud only candle, as well as the Amber Aoud candle which mixes several exotic aromas such as sandalwood, saffron and jasmine. 


Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo - Click here to buy

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Philip B is what I consider 'designer shampoo'; yes they are very, very pricy for hair products, but they actually work very, very well.

I am particularly a big fan of their Oud Royal collection which is *surprise surprise* oud-scented. I remember the first time I washed my hair with using the shampoo and conditioner when I was back home in Oman, and my entire family asked me about what perfume I was wearing. I told them: nothing, it's my shampoo! which has natural oud essence that gives it the beautiful smell. This shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair smelling like heaven the entire week! 

As for the Mega-Curl Enhancer, I tried it and loved it too. It also smells like Oud, and acts as a 'controller' to frizzy curly hair, leaving your natural post-shower curls looking tamed and beautiful. I once washed my hair and applied it directly, the headed for a bike .. I was shocked that my hair wasn't left frizzy for a change, so I would recommend this product to tame frizzy hair.


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This perfume has a perfect blend of Oud, Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose and herbal Moroccan Blue Chamomile. Can you imagine that? It has such a unique musky scent that is accentuated by the addition of Vanilla and Violet, giving it a slightly sweeter note.

In the end, what can I say ... I might have not inherited every typical Arab trait ... but I certainly have adoration towards Oud.