It is no secret that I have a keen eye on classy, elegant and great interior design; it is most likely something I have inherited from my dear mother, who always finds a way to dedicate some of her time to the beauty of our home. Something we are all thankful for in my family.

Tara Shaw - a unique design shop selling a range of antique sculptures and lighting, is what caught my attention while hunting for antique stores online, and European-inspired interior design businesses. The stunning designs showcased by the brand have a very visible touch of french-chic. The designer's many years spent in Europe influence the brand's aesthetic, which is what captured my attention in the first place.

The use of different shades of white in the room shown on the photograph above gives a very comfortable yet luxurious feel. It leaves an impression of feeling fresh and clean. The small touches of antiques and gold complete the design.

I would certainly love to visit their store based in New Orleans at some point in the future :)