Aya Jones @ Nina Ricci Spring 2015

If there is one thing I know about achieving good skin: it is not accidental. I am a believer that nothing really is. Women with good skin spend time taking care of it and/or practice certain lifestyle routines that help them with achieving that perfect skin.

I know that with the rise of highlighters and the numerous products that promise to give you that 'natural glow effect' (only nothing is actually natural about them), many women fall into thinking that their skin lacks that natural glow, and seek makeup to help them to get that younger, glowing skin. I am not entirely against the use of makeup to enhance such things, but I always prefer to ditch the unnatural and go bare. Nothing feels greater than feeling like you are beautiful without the use of makeup, when the sun rises or when you're about to snooze at the end of the day.

As a person with dry skin, I previously suffered with patches, dryness, redness and other skin problems that result from dryness. I have managed to transform my skin and started wearing less and less highlighter, because I didn't think I needed it anymore. I will try to keep this short, quick and simple by giving you my personal guideline and tips on how to achieve a natural glow on your skin, and maintain it.

My face, No makeup. Kindly excuse the bags under my eyes.

The first thing you must do is always cleanse your face from any impurities. To do this I encourage you to stick to your own favorite face cleanser; I like gentler botanical gel-based face cleansers; I also tend to use milk cleansers on a cotton pad to remove any dirt from my skin. Depending on your skin type and daily activity, you should cleanse your face once to twice per day. Not more. You don't want your skin to become too dry that you lose the moisture, and therefore lose the glow.

One step that many miss is the toning. Use a gentle daily toner (again, I prefer botanical-based, all natural). After cleansing your face, use a cotton pad with few drops of your toner to run through your skin; you will notice more dirt leaving your skin, even though you have just cleansed your face. This way you will know that your face is absolutely clean at this stage.

Following the toner, apply a moisturizing cream. I personally use Wadair's vitamin C cream for my moisturizing phase, which is a cream enriched with organic ingredients filled with vitamin C goodness. This leaves my skin deeply moisturized without feeling oily throughout the day.

Another thing worth noting is the necessity to have an evening skincare routine. Your skin is not the same during the day as it is at night when you're fast asleep, which is why its important to switch to evening skincare. I actually love applying moisturizing face masks at the end of the day after exfoliating my skin gently. For exfoliation, I use a natural coffee scrub which is actually handmade at home. The type of coffee you use must be pure and organic. They key is to remain moisturized and have a good evening cream to apply on your face before going to bed. 

My last advice is to eat clean. Be good to your body. A healthy, happy body will glow from the inside out. I advise you to intake plenty of fruits and vegetables, and steer away from processed foods that do nothing good for your skin.