I have never been to Lyon in France, but when the time comes and I do get the chance to visit the marvelous city .. I know exactly where to stay.

I have a soft spot in my heart for trying out different types of hotels and places to stay. I've tried it all: grand hotels, student-friendly hostels and even airbnbs. A big part of my travel experience heavily depends on the room I sleep in.

Cour des Loges in Lyon, France is a destination in my travel wish list. The 5-star hotel is decorated in a way that transfers you back to the Italian Renaissance, but also keeping you feeling the modern day with its contemporary art blended with historic magnificence. Exactly how i'd envision a perfect getaway to be ...

Many guests review the hotel to be very 'cozy', 'intimate' and 'magical'; the magic I am certain is created by the hotel's beautiful architecture and interior design, which in my opinion seems to be a perfect portrayal of how contemporary should blend with history.