Contrary to the popular belief that women cut their hairs significantly shorter after undergoing a breakup (boyfriend drama that I luckily rarely engage in), I decided to cut my hair for other reasons. The idea and popularity of the thought that women tend to cut their hairs when relationships come to an end made me dig deeper to my motives behind cutting my hair, and also investigate how my girlfriends and other women online decide to cut their hairs. The results were pretty simple: a hair cut to a woman isn't so straightforward; there are often (speaking from my personal findings) hidden intentions or reasons.

"Somehow if you change your hair, you change everything. It's psychological"; my sister told me when I introduced this topic to the table, and I agree.

Cutting my hair shorter this time around symbolized many different things that went inside my head, as well as transitions I decided to make in my life.

A symbol of Freedom

I recall sharing my wish to cut my hair significantly shorter on my social media platforms, and I was bombarded with comments like: "No, longer hair is more feminine" and "Women with longer hair are sexier". It honestly pissed me off, it awoke my inner feminist when I heard such comments, especially when they came from male followers.

First of all: I am not the sort of woman who follows what is considered sexy by societal values and standards, and I'd never base my beauty or fashion decisions on the opinions of what men prefer. I simply love the freedom I have to express how I feel and think by using my body and external beauty. I looked into all my beauty icons from history who rocked short hair - such as Marilyn Monroe, Diana Vreeland, Audrey Hepburn - nobody can ever say those women were not feminine or sexy. So I ignored all those comments.

Old-Hollywood Influences

I admit that cutting my hair shorter relied heavily on the fact that my style inspirations and icons have short hair, and they still looked undeniably feminine.

After watching the hit series House of Cards and falling in love with Claire Underwood's character, I began to see how short hair is actually very powerful when worn by a woman. It takes courage, and confidence to be able to rock a hair bob.

A change of Heart

I really don't know how to explain this point, but part of me really believes that my desire to go shorter is indirectly as a result of a change of heart I had for certain individuals in my life. I wanted to be seen as someone different now, someone who learnt and is willing to grow. I couldn't change the way I look but I certainly can chop inches of hair ...

Part of me felt I needed to seem unrecognizable, so that my weaker self no longer exists.

I intend to go even shorter in the near future.