I have to salute Phoebe Philo for this collection. Thank you for bringing back 90's blazer, optimism in fashion, and everything FIERCE in a woman.

I am a big fan of Céline, and after finding out the motivation behind this collection I fell in love with their work even more. "It felt personal to me. I felt like celebration. If there is anything to say at the moment, let it be with love. Let it be joyful. I couldn't think of anything else to talk about other than something that felt joy." - the designer said to VOGUE.COM. I can feel the movement, the story behind the collection very clearly. The colors are also chosen every tastefully, making it my absolute favorite show from this season.

I was also drawn into the styling of the outfits. The makeup, accessories and hair were effortlessly made to look beautiful. The mix of plaited skirts and early 90's blazers in unpredictable coloring scheme makes the collection much more modern and youthful, without making it seem childish. It is truly designed for the modern woman.

The designer admits to taking inspiration from the late 80's, which explains the shape of the blazers and silhouettes of many of the styles from the collection, something I am very much fond of. The classic Céline woman is clearly visible throughout the entire show. The men's inspired suit pants are turned into today's version by mixing the original designs with more modern fabric choices.